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Finding HRT in France
Shouldn't Be So Hard

It can be overwhelming to navigate the French system
but you CAN get the gold standard updated HRT regime
in France. I show you how.

(*My book tells you EVERYTHING you need to know!*)
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Hi, I'm Andrea Marie, and my mission with this site is to demystify finding menopause support and the latest HRT treatment here in France.  

I started spending time in France nine years ago now, and first started consulting doctors and gynaecologists for perimenopause around five years ago. And at first I had no idea what I was doing. I also had several unpleasant experiences, to say the least, and was offered outdated medications when I asked for body identical hormone replacement therapy.

But the world of menopause treatment is changing here in France, too. A bit slower than other countries, but changing all the same. 

It is a myth you can't find a good HRT regime in France. You can. Yes, even in perimenopause. And even if you want testosterone! And although my road to finding HRT was lengthy and difficult, I'm here to make your route far easier. 

I never meant to end up an expert in anything to do with menopause. But it started to feel wrong to not share what I knew, particularly as I was already a health and wellbeing writer with training in counselling and coaching. So I look forward to connecting and working with you. And to helping make your experience of midlife and menopause in France all that much easier! 

x Andrea Marie

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