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Stressed about getting HRT in France? Don't be. I'm here to make it easy for you. 



  • Worried if you can get the right HRT in France? Heard so much contrary advice and would love to sort out the facts from the myths once and for all? 

  • Feel massively overwhelmed trying to understand what the right HRT even is? And just wish someone would explain it once and for all in a clear, easy-to-follow fashion?

  • And even tell you what brands you need to get in France if you want the safest, most modern regime on the market? 

  • Already tried to get HRT and had a horrible time of it that left you feeling hopeless? Or even got HRT, but suspect you got outdated advice and the wrong meds?

  • Struggling to understand and navigate the crazy French health system? From what coverage you need if any, what doctor you need to see, how to get an appointment, and how prescriptions work?

  • Want to add testosterone to your HRT regime and don't know what your options are and how you can go about getting it here in France? (Yes, you can get it here, with some effort). 

Stop stressing! My online book is THE essential resource you need to answer all of these questions and more. You can finally relax knowing you CAN get a great HRT regime in France and FINALLY feel yourself again.   

“Your tips got me to this point and I only have you to thank for even trying to get HRT! I started today. You truly are amazing at what you do.”

Helen, Brittany 

Who am I and why did I create this online resource? Full disclosure, yes, I have a strong background as a health writer and researcher as well as mentor, but in psychology and self development. I had zero interest in becoming an expert in anything to do with menopause. But I went through a sort of endless hell trying to get HRT in France without knowing what I was doing (and I started years ago now, before new guidelines in 2021 made things a wee bit easier). All these years and many doctor visits later, plus a whole heck of a lot of research, I ended up such an expert I was constantly advising others, including taking over a Facebook group on the subject.  In the end I wrote this book as I was endlessly repeating myself, had a bunch of notes anyways, and it was easier to just say 'read my book'.  I also got tired of hearing the same myths, negativity, and unhelpful ideas regurgitated.  It made sense to use my  talents to create this book. 

What is included in the book? 

Below is the Table of Contents of the book. And I'm going to be constantly updating it and adding to it with new or requested information. Once you buy the book you get all updated versions for free! 


  • Introduction - Who I am and Why I Wrote This Book 

  • Terms Used in This Book 

  • Myths About HRT in France


  • My Menopause and HRT Journey 



  • The Truth About Menopause and HRT You need to know 

  • What is HRT anyway? Synthetic vs Body Identical vs Bioidenticals

  • What Type of HRT Will They Give Me in France? 

  • More About Body Identicals, the "Gold Standard" of HRT Treatment

  • Cyclical vs Continuous HRT and "Days Off"

  • Taking Progesterone Vaginally

  • Tibolone - Another Form of HRT Altogether 


  • Localised Hormonal Medications - Related, but not HRT

  • DHEA for Libido

  • High Dose Vitamin D for Bones (and Why You Need to be Wary)

  • Beta Alanine for Hot Flashes


  • Who Prescribes HRT in France

  • The Five 'Experiences' Women Have Trying to Get HRT in France

  • What You Need to Know About Booking a Doctor or Gyno in France

  • The Strange Truths About Seeing a Gynaecologist in France 

  • The Family and Medical History You'll be Asked About 

  • Health Issues that can Mean You Won't Get Prescribed HRT

  • How to Describe Symptoms in a Way That Ups Your Chances of HRT

  • Blood Tests and Menopause - Why You Might Not Need One

  • Other Tests You Might be Asked to Do Before Being Prescribed HRT

  • Getting Your Prescription Filled at a French Pharmacy

  • The Secret Way to Stockpile HRT 

  • The Cost of HRT in France


  • Why is Testosterone Harder to Get?

  • Is Testosterone Dangerous for Women? 

  • Why I Felt I Needed Testosterone

  • Did Testosterone Work for Me?

  • Key Things to Know About Going to the UK for Testosterone

  • How to Get Testosterone in France 


  • The End - Still Have Questions? 

How do I Access and Read the Book?

Currently the book is in online format available only to site members. You buy membership below for 12.99€ and within 24 hours you receive access to the book. From there you can return at any time and read it on your computer or phone. It's very easy to navigate, set up like a data base where you can click on anything in the Table of Contents to go directly to that section. 

Prefer print? I will be putting the book on Amazon eventually. I think the online format makes it easier to access the info you need on any given day, plus means I can always update it and you can immediately see updates. 

Eiffel Tower Paris
"I cannot thank Andrea, her book and this page enough. I would never have sought out HRT treatment without the information and support."

Chrissy, Paris

Access the book now by becoming a site member for a one-time payment of 12.99€ (the price of a few coffees, and if you don't think your health is worth that I really can't help you anyway!)
All future updates are yours for free!
Once payment is made access is granted within  24 hrs.


*By purchasing this product I show that I understand and agree that all information provided in this resource is not a substitute for professional services therefore should at no time be regarded as medical or psychological fact and is subject to my own interpretation and judgement. What I choose to do with the information, including any actions I take, is down to my own personal responsibility and choice. I accept that Ula Media Ltd. will not and cannot accept responsibility for any decisions made or actions taken by anyone based upon information contained within this resource and website.


 I also agree that I will not share, publish, display nor distribute this resource in any way. I fully understand and of my own free will choose to enter into this legally binding disclaimer and all stated terms of service.

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