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Andrea Marie 

I am a health and wellbeing author, expert, and consultant who grew up in Canada and the UK and now lives in Paris.


I  first started spending time in France nine years ago, when my French was spotty at best. Now I speak better French, but I can't say I understand the French way of thinking any more than I did then!


But what I DO understand is how to deal with menopause in France and navigate the French medical system. Particularly when it comes to getting HRT. Even if you are still in perimenopause. And, yes, even if you want to also try testosterone. 

There are a lot of myths around getting help for menopause in France. I see a LOT of negativity going around about it in expat circles. While I understand it can be frustrating, we need to remember it's only recently that it became a less frustrating process in other countries like the UK. My experiences there were really no better if I'm honest!


So I remain hopeful that the situation here in France is changing. Not least as I've found a good regime for myself here. 


I will freely admit here I had zero goals in life to become an expert in menopause, or how to get HRT in France, I am not even sure even now how this is a 'thing'  in my life. But I started to feel like it was wrong to not share what i knew more given how much I suffered and went through, and knowing I could stop others from going through similar. 


I am looking forward to sharing my hard-earned wisdom with you and helping change the quality of life for many women here in France. 

x Andrea Marie
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